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Do you buy back coins that you have sold?

Absolutely. We cannot guarantee at what price we would buy back a coin, but if we sold it, we would most certainly buy it back.

Do you purchase certified coins only or will you also purchase raw coins as well?

We will buy any type of coins, currency or precious metal (gold, silver, platinum and palladium). Should you have only a few coins or an entire collection, we will happily make an offer to purchase all of it. Unlike other dealers that may only want to purchases the key date coins, we will buy it all.

Do you buy foreign coins and currency?

Yes. We buy all types of coins and currency, including foreign.

How should I ship my coins to Rinkor Rare Coins for an offer on them?

Securely package all coins and ship by registered and insured mail to the following address:

2600 Mendocino Avenue, Suite C
Santa Rosa, CA 95403

Please be sure to include contact information.

Please email us to let us know what items you are shipping and if you have any specific requests. Please also include the tracking number to monitor the status of the package.

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